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The Vbiz service industry bundles can be made up of several components and are tailored to your needs by you as you go through the order process. Because this is more involved it is typically done online with one of our solution engineers (it's not a long process but it does get you started on the right foot).

The typical components that make up the service industry bundles are AssetTrack, Web1, Colab, Store and Odoo more information below:

Vbiz AssetTrack was first requested by a customer to track assets in the trucking and logistics industries. It didn't take long before there was an obvious need within the service industry. AssetTrack key features and some usage scenarios are below:

  • Track tractors, trailers, heavy equipment and some static equipment in near real time.
  • Fast access to last known location, current location and route taken.
  • Some AssetTrack bundles include Dongles rugged enough to handle Canadian winters.
  • Simple to use, available from anywhere with a web browser.
  • User permissions/user based authentication system.
  • A library of reports  for analysis and tracking
  • The potential to integrate with existing tracking hardware
  • Stopped for "n" minute reports for billing and time spent on location
  • Vehicle logging for service and costs management

Some Scenarios:

  • We have customers that use only the cell tracking app to provide simple reports for time spent on work sites at the end of a week for billing or project costing.
  • Cell phone tracking can also be used for providing accurate ETAs for employees' arrival at the job site or current location.
  • The in cab bundle can be used for integration with Odoo for a complete site management, estimating, invoicing, expense tracking system providing instant updates to administration or financial staff.
  • Last known location reports have been used to locate logistics equipment (never lose a piece of equipment again).
  • Delivery tracking can be monitored in near real time for deliveries or important cargo.

For more detailed information you can find how it all works here.

Web Development
Most customers today expect some form of a web site for a company, the key is to line up cost with need and requirements. We can help, whether it's a simple website with contact information and some product/service descriptions or a full blown E-commerce web site.  We can help complete the project in a realistic manner and at reasonable costs:

  • We work with a technology called a Content Management System (CMS) to build your web site, it can be as simple as using Word to provide updates, saving you money in the long run and speeding up changes so you can reflect your business more accurately.
  • We work with Joomla, WordPress and all other well know CMS servers so if you have an existing site and you just need a refresher or a new hosting company we can help.
  • With every web site we include analytics so you can see how many people and from where are using your site where they land, how they get there and most importantly when they leave. 
  • We can also help plan SEO optimization and simple ways to slowly increase your ranking with Google and other search engines.

If you need a web site or need to refresh the site you already have contact us, we will be happy to help.


Cloud based file sharing and storage is also becoming an important tool in running most businesses today. Sharing files with co-workers, clients, the public and yourself has never been easier. Backing up your files automatically is critical as more information is stored on mobile devices which are more vulnerable to loss or theft,

  • With Vbiz CloudStore you can automatically backup files from your mobile devices and desktop quickly and easily.
  • Vbiz uses Owncloud for cloud storage so all your files remain on your virtual server in Canada and are not distributed in anyway.
  • You retain ownership and once a file is deleted, it is deleted unlike many of the larger cloud storage providers.
  • You can upload files up to 16G in size and share them seamlessly with clients.
  • When you share files the recipient of the share can simply download the file (no registration is required).
  • The Vbiz Cloudstore also has file version tracking features ensuring that people are getting the correct and latest version.
  • Roll backs are also possible with the version system providing mechanisms to correct mistakes and accidental over writes

If you need to share files quickly get in touch with us, we can set you up quickly.


Odoo is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool. Because we focus on Small Businesses we have deployed only the modules typically used by small business, thereby keeping things simple and straight forward. Nevertheless,  the good news is that Odoo  scales with you as you grow. It also has a commercial version that you can deploy on our systems if you need some of the enterprise feature set.

Use Odoo to do the following:

  • Business related messaging provides a filtered view of emails to keep you focused on what needs to be done.
  • The CRM module handles all aspects of your sales pipeline, leads, opportunities, equations and estimations, sales orders, contacts, customers, calendaring and call logs.
  • Project management and expense management
  • Full accounting, invoicing, TAX modules, payroll etc.
  • Purchase, vendor, order lines, suppliers and PO management.
  • Warehouse, inventory, procurement, stock level, adjustments, value, route and location management.
  • Human resources, time sheet, attendance, allocation, leave, goals and evaluation management.
  • Fleet, service, mileage,  fuel logs and vehicle costs management.
  • A full knowledge base you can build around your products.
  • Advanced reporting and analysis for every module.
  • Permissions based access ensures access to only the modules needed.
  • It's entirely web based, available to your personnel on the road, in the office and tele-workers from home.
  • Has free and paid clients for all mobile devices and tablets.


Bringing it all together

You will notice the bundles below cover the basic small business scenarios. But the power of the Vbiz service Catalog is that of an a la-carte business model which allows you choose as much, as fast, and as deep as you want to go. Unless you are a new company or really need to replace a lot of your processes and IT, we advise you to go slowly. Let us help you to plan a technology road map that makes sense.

Some scenarios that might help with bundle selection:

The "Fleet 101" bundle

The "Fleet 101" was designed for small to medium sized service industry companies such as contractors, delivery, professional services, etc. Fleet 101 combines the strengths of both AssetTrack to actually track the location, mileage, time spent on location for billing, route driven and reporting along with Odoo's fleet management module to track all related contract management for a vehicle like insurance, lease, loan, license contacts and service, fuel and maintainable schedules and costs. Together they provide a complete fleet management suite to increase your revenue and manage costs.

The "Internet 101" bundle

This is targeted at  companies that want to build a new web presence or revise their existing web presence. Maybe you have been in business for some time and want the convenience of sending prospective client to your web site for information about  your products and services and other related information. Maybe your customers are asking why you don't have a web site or email or worse yet, finding out after the fact,  that potential clients could not find you on the web.

The Internet 101 package is designed for those companies just breaking into the internet and who don't want anything too complicated. We can simplify your introduction and keep it simple and straight forward. The package includes everything you need: a domain name (if you don't already have one), a basic website and Email for up to 20 accounts/people.

"E-Commerce 101" bundle

This is targeted at a company that wants to build a new web presence or add to an existing one and also wants to actually sell and take orders for products and services on the web. Maybe you want to broaden your reach to new customers. Possibly you have been asked by existing customers or you are finding you need to add online sales to be competitive.

We can help you to get started and also teach you what you need to get the best Return On your investment (ROI) and how to drive customers toward your site. There is no silver bullet for bringing people to your web site, just like there's no silver bullet for bringing them to your front door (although some may ask you to believe that if you pay them a lot of money they can magically get you to page one of your favorite search engine).

A note on search engine ranking: Search engines spend a lot of time, money and continually develop to make sure placement on their pages is fair.  It is  simply not possible to pay to get a higher page ranking. In fact,  most of them will simply put you on their home page.  But simply getting to page one on the search results  on  the big three is something that takes time. There are things you can do (most are based on common sense) and they do help and are low cost (free if you do it yourself). We can help you to develop a realistic plan, with established expectations for cost, effort and return.

This package includes, your domain name, Web site, shopping cart, payment gateway, Email, AssetTrack integration (great for delivery companies and contractors), sales pipeline analytics and reporting.

The "Start Up 101" bundle

This package was developed with a new service company in mind. It can replace most of the key systems within an existing company as well. It is a complete package for the service industry:

  • Web site (can also be a E-Commerce web site)
  • Email and collaboration (20 accounts)
  • CloudStore (20G of online storage, can be increased)
  • AssetTrack for vehicle tracking (additional costs for each In Cab tablet, this just covers AssetTRack basic, Call us)
  • Odoo business tools
    • Accounting and Finance (Financial and Analytic Accounting)
    • CRM (Leads, Opportunities and Phone Call management)
    • Sales (Quotations, Sales Orders and Invoicing)
    • Project management (Projects, Tasks)
    • HR and employee management and payroll
    • Live chat (Live Chat with Visitors/Customers)
    • Time sheets (Time sheets, Attendance, Activities)
    • Calendaring (Personal & Shared Calendar)
    • Contacts (Contacts, People and Companies)
    • Fleet management (Vehicle, leasing, insurances, costs)
    • Expense tracker (Expenses Validation, Invoicing)
    • Purchase management (Purchase Orders, Receipts, Supplier Invoices)

This package is designed to outsource pretty much every aspect of your company's IT. There are also many more modules available.  If you  need something that is not listed there is a very high probability we can provide the service. The goal is to reduce your IT footprint across your company. All of the above can be accessed from any location on almost an device.

Basically,  you would likely install small desktops and printers for employees. Everyone  uses tablets or smart phones, it's all connected, it all works, we'll look after your IT (that's what we're passionate about) so you can focus on what you're passionate about.

Fleet 101

AssetTrack Basic and Odoo Fleet
For 5 assets
  • AssetTrack Service
  • 5 AssetTrack Basic packages
  • Odoo Fleet Management bundle
  • Odoo instance setup
  • 1 hour Online training and setup

Internet 101

Everything you need to get started
per month, (1 Year contract)
  • Domain name registration
  • Your choice of CMS
  • Template included
  • Web site creation
  • 2 hour online training
  • Up to 20 Email accounts
  • 10G of online CloudStore

E-Commerce 101

Your online Store Front
Month (2 year contract)
  • Domain registration (incl. SSL)
  • Web site and shopping cart
  • CC Payment & Direct Deposit
  • Site Analytics and sales pipline
  • Seartch engine Optimization
  • 20 Email accounts
  • Contacts, Calendering
  • 15G of CloudStore online storage

Start up 101

Everything you need to run your business
Month (2 year contract)
  • The Fleet 101 Bundle
  • The internet 101 Bundle
  • Odoo Accounting and Finance
  • Odoo CRM, Sales, Project, HR and Timesheet modules
  • Live chat
  • Calendering and Conatct management
  • Fleet management
  • Expense and Purchase Tracker